Friday, October 30, 2009

The best !

This girl, have been great for 2 years. She's z best ! (Y)
Pubor, thank for everything you've done for me.
Tolerating my attitude, encouraging me non-stop, guiding me thru when im lost.
Advise me when im lost, hear me out when im down, cheer me up when im sad.
There for me when i cry, entertain me when im bored, play along with me when im crazy.
The best word to represent everything, she's always right beside me when i need her.

Im glad next year we are still in the same class, im glad we didn't seperate :D !
Im glad i met you, im glad that you're my best friend !
Really happy to have you right beside me always, thru studying, joys, tears and laughter.
You ever fail to bring me smiles everyday with you arnd, nana's strong !^^
We've been gng thru up & downs, i believe this obstacles has turn us stronger !
No matter what, we won't seperate , iloveyou dearest girl !♥

Yantong, wantheng, melody!
The 3 girls, who never fail to go crazy with me, who never fail t hear me out.
Yantong, she's just like a mother to us , mature thinking BUT she never fail to advise me too!
She's has been there to guide me thru studys, and many more. It's quite sad, we both end up
diff class next year(hais). I wonder how would N1 be after all of you gone ?):
Seriously damn sad ! Dont wish all of you to seperate from us, aww !

Wantheng, we've hate each other onces, we've been very close onces. But, at last we're still
very close & it doesnt changes a thing. You've been a very best crazy partner for this 2 years!
hahaa ! Thou, there's time you goes sad cause of love r.s but w/e it is, do still rmb my words!
dont ever forget k?! Cause it will help you. Thanks for hearing me out too when im sad, lost ..
and everything , you're great, seriously :D ! It's really a pity for us to seperate, sigh. I think N1
will be quiet quiet alre, not as noisy as before, hais ! Nobody will go mad with me :(
Nobody will gossip with me :( Nobody will share th same thought with me :( awww !
thou in the past, i hate you alot but as time comes by, things change, and all of us bcame close.
Girl, you're great , thank for everything !
do keep contact still ! Dont forget to meet up sometimes (wink! )

Royston, melson, junmeng!
Royston - THE MOST ASS BOYFRIEND, who never fail to always make me laugh till i fall !
thanks for always standing by my side when im down, make me smile when im shag ,
be there to do stupid action to make me smile, iloveyou :) . Alth you are an ass, but still a
cute one ! hahah ! You've been great for this 2 years ! Thank for everyth :D !
im glad we're still in th same class, so better dont transfer ! Or it would be damn sad only !
I miss th class outing at beach, the heart2heart talk was awesomee ! & i miss my red skin :(

Junmeng - The best buddy for 2 years :)
you're always my best buddy alth you've change to someone who i dont wish you to be :/
Im kinda touch when i browse thru your phone picture, and saw you still keeping both of our
pictures :) . It really do make me smile , seriously no joke ! Alth now you're damn horny ..
damn disgusting .. damn beng .. but i seriously hope you'll change :(! (hais) Lastlong with yr girl!
I miss those time when we're close. But still thanks for being there to make me laugh when i cry.
when i breakdown. Thank for being there for me always. Thank for everything :)
Buddy, dont appeal t 3n3 leh.. stay 3n1 , hmpt ! :<

Erica !
no worrys, i still remember you :)
thou i seriously do hate some doing of yours, but still thanks for th 1 year memories tght !
Especially camping, thank for those fun & laughter. You're always my aide'shorty !
those pictures do make me smile when-ever i browse thru, i hope you can change yourself..
like.. you.. know.. But whatever it is. Do cheerup & go for/lastlong with azmeer :P
haha ! thank for this 1 year memories. do takecare & study hard ! :)

Moon yaad !
The most irritating fucker korkor ever ! But his th best among all !
Alth he always bully me (frown) BUT his th best among all of my kor(s) !
Thank for being there to guide me thru, advise me thru & argueing with me-.- !
HAHA, you never fail to shoot me with whatever im saying !
You never fail to trick me in riddles/joke, you never fail to bully me-.- !
You never fail to be there when im lost & confuse :)
& last but not least, you never fail to keep me acc when im all alone/shag .
thats th best part of you. hehez ! & He never fail to smack/hit me when-ever i did sth wrong.
never fail to lecture me when i wanna to S. Alth you are fierce at times, but i know cause u care.
thanks alot, appreciated. Do smoke less , just like what you tell me !
thanks for everything, you're th best man kor ! iloveyou !
see you next year at 3n1 ! WOOOTS, lucky you same class with me :P Hehe !
irritating nana is OTW hahahaha ! :P

Not forgetting ZUL.
His always the silly one, but the caring one too :)
but ah but ah , his also the horny boyfriend of mine ! HAHAZ.
we've been very close since sec 1, but did drift for quite some time, but at last
we're still back on track. Im glad you did manage to hold your promise to quit smoking,
be it real or fake. At least i heard from others you quit too ? that's z best ! hahaha :D
Thanks for this 2 years, seriously you've been th best. I kinda miss those time during sec 1 :P
art lesson, and sort ! haha, sec 2 we aren't tht close to ... term 3? yeahs :( but glad we still back
on track ! HA ! Cannot drift any futher even if we're diff class k? & thanks for every lil thing !
your encouragement, support, words, advise, and cheerup, and stupid actions too :D
saaaaaaaaaad manzxzx ! next year you aren't same class as me, (pft)
Asshole sia you, but neh-mind, we will still bump into each other.
thank for smiles you brings to me, my dearest bf ! Loveyooou !

dont be sucha ass alre ah ! my shorty lil horny bf :P .

do take lots of care when you enter 3n2, you know what im refering to.
& you ownself also know what promise you made to me, you better do it k !
dont break it, i dont wish to see you ( ... ) Y' know it yourself clearly :/
Study hard next year ! & thank for this 2 years, thru up and downs.
those quarrel and argueing never had once bring us down ! infacts we're still v close!
thank for being there for me always, bobooooo iloveyou !:D
seriously, you're awesome bobo!

& haziq
thanks for being there to cheer me up when im sad & be there to guide me.
thank for encouraging me always, and teaches me alot of things thru this 2 years.
and not forgetting, guide me thru when me & rozaini are on those hard times.
there to tell me, dont care what others think or say about you, just be myself.
all those words, i still remember. & Alth you always hit me when you heard im gna smoke,
i still loveeeeeeee you ! haha, cause i know you-care ~ hehez ! You're th best 2!
i hope next year you'll work harder and not slacking like this year, bcause .. i dont wish to see u
retain , get it (Y) ? & all th best in skating ! thank for everything ! :)

My best mei ! thank for always hearing me out when im confuse lost and angry :P
thank for everything, thanks for all th memories ! Loveyoualotalot manzx !
You're th best mei, and the closest mei i'm with too !
Do keep in touch k !? ILOVEU:D

Brotheeeeeeeeer/Boyfr ! Ehh heey yooou !
thank for this 2 years of those crapping and stand by me guiding me thru ~
during those time when me & rozaini tght. You rocks la eeeeeh !
horny forever, haha ! Do lastlong with your girl !
and next year do come school often, and study hard okeh !
i dont wish t see you retain understand ?! all z best !
do still keep in touch ! Loveeeeyou ;) !

thou i dont really know you, or really close with you.
but still thanks for all those jokes and fun and laughter we've this year !
do work hard next year, all th best k ! :D
i hope you can get ... s :P hehe !

&Azmeer , Zailan , Junny , amirah
thou , im not very close with all of you, but still there's time where all of us are tght.
joke tght, play tght, tease others tght, bully the tchers tght!
Hahah ! Azmeer lastlong with E , zailan ( idk :x ) , Junny single minded girl ! :D Amirah,
i hope you can change back to the old you. Yeah, cause ah... now ah ... kau mcm minah tau ?
tkbagus ah :/ change back k ? :) All th best for you all in future do take care ! All th best in your
study. Do score well ! especially you, son 'azmeer ! (Y)

& Mz farah & Mz eileen !
Thanks for always being there to guide me thru when im lost.
Miss farah - thru out all, you're still th best. You may not believe that in my heart you're still..
no.1 but whatever it is. I still want you to know, you are seriously th best ever !
Thank for being patient with me, tolerating my study attitude and all sort, thanks for guiding me
thru each & every lil things, thanks for being there to talk t me when im lost. Thanks for this 1yr
you're totally awesome \m/ . Without you, there wont be me having sucha result nao.
thanks for everyth miss farah, still do stay contact & meet up with us during
each & every holidays. (Y) !

Miss eileen- Thanks for pulling me up , and push me forward. Nvr had a tcher like u & mzfarah
had really motivate me to study hard. thanks ! Seriously thanks ! Same , without you
i wont been having such'a result now. Thanks alot ! thanks for putting effort in me ! :)
thanks for spending time with me thru every paper i've done, thanks for those effort !
It's appreciated by nana ! And thru out my whole life, i wont forget u & mz farah .
It had crave deep down my heart alre, hope tht we still keep in touch ! :P

You've been bully by us always ! hahahaha ! Not gna end ookaaay !
Glad that you went up to express, maintain there k ! do us proud by scoring btr next year !:D
hahh ! sure will missss bullying you :( DAMN ! haha, k lar lastlong with yr girlfr k !
or last with my meimei jerin :P HAHAHA.
do still keep in touch !

& to the rest of 2n1 (s)
thank for this 2 years, being tght with me.
it's a pity 2n1 have to spilt up, damn ! :(
but still do keep in touch just like what mz farah said alright ?
& outing is a must for every holiday up ahead !
Still do stay close, forever.

iloveyouall , seriously :)
1n1-2n1, you've always been the best.
i've never met a perfect class like this , u guys rock!
you make my day a better day always, thou ..
Sometime things do crops up, but we 2n1 never fail
to slove anyth that come ups. thanks for everyth !
do take care in future, no matter what happens ..
do remember we are all tght as one . never seperate !
till we die ! ohhyeah ! do meet up still ! ()

Awww , last day of sch alr D:
Fast ehye , one year has pass .
& another is coming .
So treasure th time we spent tgther , yeah ?

Will surely miss th fun & stupid-est time we spent .
Although we are not th same class anymore ,
but must continue to keep in touch ehye ,
Dont wanna lose such great friends like you all .

Ohya ,
Erica here (:
Teeheeeee ,

Sigh , dont feel like leaving you all ,
sadsad .
Wanted to appeal ,
but thr's alr so many ppl in 3n1'2010 ,
I doubt i will get in .
So ..
I'll think abt it first-t . HAHA ,

Although im here w you all for 1 years ,
but you all has RULED my fcuking damn world ~
I know you know too . lalala~

So ;
We'll see each other in school & cca bahs ;D

byebye 2n1 , i'll miss eu .
No matter what .

Thursday, October 29, 2009

i (L) guys :)

2N1'09 . You guys rocks to the MAXXX ! Its been 2 years of friendship & now, we're going to split up. It is veeeryyyyyy saaaaaaaaddddd. Tomorrow is the last day we're going to be a CLASS. But even though we are going to split up, 2N1 still exsist even if whatever happen. In those two years, we've been through alot as a CLASS. We laugh together, chat non-stop, tease everyone, keep secrets secret and more. We have the greatest classmates even though they aren't perfect. We have the bestest teachers even thiugh they aren't perfect.

You guys, do you all still remember when we have this Sec2 Camp at St. John's Island? That camp made us more closer. Do you remember when we won the Mass Dance Competition? We wouldn't have won that without TEAMWORK. One of the games, I think not one maybe more, made us to trust our classmates. I still remember.

When we are seperated, please and I say PLEASE update this blog, your blog, your facebook and make sure to give your numbers if you change aye ??? :)



Monday, October 19, 2009

Hello! came to update :D exam over! good luck for th result xD umm.... ><... nth to say... eh eh eh... let us end tis year happilyyyy~~! ;DDDD..... okaylar Good luck for th results! hope u all get real high marks :}

Jerin ;D

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

FYE - J's

Wei two&one !
Bunny here .
Good luck for your upcoming exams !
Tomorrow English Paper , do well horr .
Make teachers proud .
I wish next year we're in the same class again .
JY !
okeh , till here then . fatbunny signing off .

your fatbunny ,

Saturday, September 5, 2009

yoohuu! came to update ;D er rmb mon to wed gt lesson hor muz go man ^-^
history - 1030 ~ 12
English - 12 ~ 1

English - 12 ~ 1

Math - 8 ~ 10
History - 11 ~ 12
Science - 12 ~ 1{can dun go de. lesson conduct by mr teo :}

idk th ting^ correct anot if wrong sry ><. ENJOY TH HOLIDAY n rmb do th homework-s :D
Jerin{th loud 1 :} pls spread th msg! :D

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy teachers' day ,
Lazy to write on card ,
so shall post it here (:

To Mrs Lee :
Dear Ms Lee,
Thank you for th past few months , where your lecture that make us now more responsible .
You , always shout at us , scold us & make us learn our mistakes .
You're pregnant now , so do rest more (:
Hope you will give birth to a healthy cute fat baby (:
But not as fat as JOSH larhs(:

To Miss Farah :
Dear Ms Farah , though you're with us for just a lil while only ,
You're part of us now and we love you much O:
Your teaching , helped us improved our english ,
Like summary and others ,
Ms Dhanya also :)
You give us sweet when we get correct answer ,
and that's what keep our class more live-ly ! (:
Cause there's many monsters tht looks like they never eat sweets before :P
Lmao ,
I know you'll always try your best to help us improve our english like giving us notes ,
And made us copy , so we wont be very lazy and sleepy.
Just want to say ,
Thankyouverymuch .(:
Love you !

From ,
Wantheng (: